Apple House Quilt Square

This painted quilt square on the Boone Orchard Apple House was a gift to Joe and Bertha Boone by the residents of Wolf Pen Mountain to thank them for allowing us to park there during inclement weather.

I designed and painted the square using the traditional quilt pattern “Biloxi/Fox Run.” It was painted under the auspices of the Haywood County Quilt Trail. At that time, the Quilt Trail was under the Haywood County Arts Council. The design represents red and golden delicious apples grown by the Boones as well as the blue of the sky and the white of winter.

The paint workshop was in Burnsville, NC. I traveled over there several times to learn their technique, and then brought the quilt square to my studio to finish it. It is in four parts, each four feet square, for an overall size of 8 feet x 8 feet. It was hung on the barn by my husband Bill and his nephew David Rogers. 2010