The Chapel of the Angels

While we were planning a trip to Belize in 2003, Pamela Picon, the co-owner of the resort where we planned to stay for part of our time there, saw some of my work on the web and asked if I would create some mosaic panels for a small wedding chapel on the grounds of the resort.

During our time there I was able to spend some time in the chapel and devise a plan. The chapel was called “The Chapel of the Angels” but was completely bare of decorations—angels or otherwise. My plan was to give it angels in the form of the spirit of various parts of the local landscape. Each angel was to be represented by wings. After returning home, I created the panels and shipped them to Belize where they were installed in the chapel. Somewhat later, upon the death of of her husband, Pamela removed the panels from the chapel and took them to her new home in Guatemala. 2004

The Angel of the Mopan River

Their Mopan River Resort resort was on the banks of the Mopan River, which formed an ever-present feature for the buildings and gardens. Visitors reached the resort by taking a ferry across the river. The river-angel’s wings arise from the flowing water. Their pet toucan, Sheila, perches above in the flowering trees. 24”X30”

The Angel of Tropical Flowers

The spirit of flowers holds a bowl, out of which pour many types of tropical blooms. 18”X 24”

The Angel of the Maya Mountains

The mountains and the local people and creatures are watched over by a hovering spirit. A cross and a pyramid connect the modern and ancient people and spirit. 24”X30”

The Angel of the Wings of Paradise

The wings of both butterflies and birds dominate this scene. When we arrived in Belize and our passports were stamped, we were welcomed by the greeting “Welcome to Paradise.” 18”X24”