Entertainment Center

In 2002 I engaged in what most woodworkers have to do to make a living — cabinetry. Fitting together the various components of entertainment in the corner of our living room required some careful measuring, not all of which, I discovered later, I got exactly right.

On the far right is the sound system, installed on a moveable tower that can be pulled out so that we can get at the connections in the back. One of the speakers (the woofer) is installed at the bottom, since its sound carries easily through the acoustic fabric in the door. Next to it is a set of drawers for CDs, tapes (yes, tapes!), and DVDs.

In the corner, behind the two doors, sits the latest version of a TV screen, receiver, and the like, chosen to fit the space. No giant screen for us! To the left, stretching down the wall and under the window, are shelves for some of our many books. It was all a jigsaw puzzle, but it has proven serviceable and pleasant to the eye. It’s made of cherry veneer plywood along with some cherry lumber.

Living area with custom wood entertainment cabinets
Custom wood entertainment shelves and cabinets