Saint Joseph’s Hospital Chapel

The Saint Joseph’s Campus of the Mission Hospitals in Asheville, NC, has a very different chapel from the meditation room style of the Mission Campus. With its larger size and arched ceiling, it accommodates a more traditional set of needs for furnishings.

Wood altar table and lectern

The ALTAR TABLE is designed to reflect the arches in the ceiling above it. The lower arch, or bow, in the table base is made of ash and expresses our rising up toward “the heavens.” The upper bow, made of walnut, holds the top and expresses the incursion of healing power from above. The plain top, made of curly maple, has a very slight long bevel at the ends to accent the sense of uplift.

The accompanying LECTERN, made of the same materials, picks up the curvilinear features of the table in a supportive way.

Modern wood altar table