Creator Wisdom

These two sets, using the same design but varying in the outcome of the batik, were made as Christmas gifts for our mothers in 1996. One set is made on Indian cotton and the other on silk. There is also a bit of highlighting with pastels. They were gifts to our mothers, but upon their deaths, have returned, one set to us and one set to Bill’s sister Zibs. Each panel is 15 inches square.

They are inspired by a 6th century hymn to Wisdom. The words are inscribed as part of the design:

O blest Creator of the Light,

Who mak’est the day with radiance bright

And o’er the forming world didst call

the light from chaos, first of all.

Creator, Wisdom, hark we pray

Be found of us, here, now, today

Dispel our woe, create anew

Our life together, joyful, true.